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How to Go Beyond Ticket Deflection by Focusing on Self-Serve Resolutions

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When your agents are drowning in low value-added tickets, your first instinct may be to deflect them by making it less easy to contact support directly. But have you ever thought about why you're getting so many tickets in the first place?

Customers don't want to submit a ticket, but you may be forcing them to with ineffective self-serve support that rarely leads them to a resolution on their own.

Watch this webinar to find out how focusing on self-serve support resolutions can improve your customer satisfaction. You'll learn how to:

  • Identify the key issues your customers could be resolving on their own.
  • Tell the difference between "good" and "great," game-changing help content—and how to make it yourself.
  • Ensure 90% of customers have the chance to self-serve BEFORE they even think about creating a ticket.
How to Reduce Tickets and Improve CSAT in 3 Steps

Presented by Stonly Experts:

Alexis Fogel | Co-Founder & CEO
Alexis is an entrepreneur and head of product. He co-founded the password manager Dashlane where he led product and support for 9 years. He left Dashlane in 2018 to focus on knowledge sharing and founded Stonly.

David Rostan | Co-Founder & Head of Revenue
David is a marketing & revenue leader. He joined Stonly as a cofounder to oversee revenue and customer success. Previously, he led sales and marketing at Calendly and is always thinking about ways to make more customers successful.

Stop deflecting tickets and start solving problems today.